Thursday, December 6, 2007

In praise of smaller passagemakers

Letter to the Editor:

I really look forward to spending a few quality hours with my new magazine. It is exciting to see the new growth and directions at PAE; however, I hope that you don't abandon your roots.

Large and complex yachts have been crossing oceans for many years, but Robert Beebe's dream, that anyone with a safe and simple boat could cross oceans, was fulfilled (on a large scale basis) by PAE. This premise has thus far been the bedrock of your success. You have made history over and over proving Beebe's vision.

I congratulate you on your spectacular growth and success, but I hope the market will continue to support research and innovation in moderately priced smaller passagemakers. --Guy Bugbee

With 61 boats launched to date, the Nordhavn 40 is the standard by which smaller passagemakers are measured.

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