Monday, December 10, 2007

Farewell to a wolf in sheep's clothing

Here's something we didn't know:

The Nordhavn 57 was designed by Jeff Leishman in 1995 and its style and configuration came in response to his previous design, the Nordhavn 62. In its early days, the N62 was deemed “too radical” for many boaters who just couldn’t imagine it parked at their yacht club. The N57 was more stylish, had a stand-up engine room and a look which pleased many people. Little did they know from a casual look that the N57 was an almost exact duplicate of the N62 in specifications, structure, stability and capability. Essentially, it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This comes from the Nordhavn site with news that the Nordhavn 57 has been taken out of production and the molds destroyed.

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