Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas greetings from our scribes

Fred Caron was a contributor to the first two Circumnvigators and, hopefully, more editions in the future. He and his wife, Christianne, are in Malaysia in the course of a leisurely circumnavigation of the world with the Nordhavn 46 Arcturus. (Click here to read about their first encounter with heavy weather when they were novice passagemakers.)

Senior contributing editor Milt Baker has been with the magazine from the outset. He and his wife, Judy, crossed the Atlantic last summer with Bluewater, their Nordhavn 47. In 2008, they plan to depart Barcelona for a slow cruise eastward, with lots of stops along the way: France, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. The decision whether to go on to Greece and Turkey in 2008 will be made later in the season.

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