Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nordhavn 120 maiden voyage begins

Aurora, the first Nordhavn 120 built, has begun her maiden voyage from Xiamen, China, to Vancouver, Canada.

She departed the Coast Marine factory in Xiamen on July 16 for a 276-nautical-mile hop south to Honk Kong to shake down systems and to pick up 17,000 gallons of diesel fuel. From there, the plan is to run 6,000 nautical miles non-stop to Vancouver, her home port, arriving in about 25 days in the latter part of August. Weather permitting.

Weather has already been a factor when Typhoon Solik tore across Taiwan to Xiamen, delaying the departure for Hong Kong. Now, Tropical Storm Cimaron is bearing down on Aurora at the Gold Coast Marina in Hong Kong.

If Mother Nature doesn't permit a non-stop run across the Pacific, here is Aurora's alternate routing:

• Run from Hong Kong up to Tokyo – 1,500 nautical miles • Tokyo to Dutch Harbor – 2,675 nautical miles • Dutch Harbor to Vancouver – 1,619 nautical miles.

Click here for live tracking of the voyage.

You'll find a voyage overview, route, blog, photos, videos and other information at the Nordhavn 120 Delivery section of Nordhavn's website.

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