Thursday, March 14, 2013

New design: Nordhavn 56

What a perfect passagemaker!

All Nordhavns are designed to cross oceans but this all-new design places an even greater emphasis on ocean-crossing capability while maximizing interior accommodations that are well suited for offshore conditions as well as dockside living. At 56 feet and with a displacement of 126,000 pounds, this new trawler yacht is ready to tackle the toughest and longest ocean passages.

Standard propulsion will include the venerable 4.5 liter John Deere engines in a twin configuration and a fuel capacity of 2,335 gallons. This package combined with an efficient hull design will allow for a very comfortable transoceanic range and will retain the ability to maintain near normal cruising speed and positive direction control even if one of the two engines fail.

Add paravanes and we're off!

Click here for drawings and more information.

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