Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FUBAR: Exploring San Jose

Date: November 17, 2007
Time: 06:35
Position: Marina Cabo San Jose, approx 10 miles east of Cabo San Lucas

It’s a day in port, but we are up early to move Pacific Escort from our Mediterranean mooring to a slip on the other side of the marina, where we will have water and power. Not that we need it, we can carry 500 gallons and have a watermaker, but the sound of it running all night can be annoying when you are trying to sleep. After we park the boat is a slip that’s barely wide enough for it to fit (there was not enough room for fenders on either side), I’m free to explore nearby San Jose. It is a typical small Mexican tourist town: Relatively prosperous thanks to the new marina and close proximity to Cabo San Lucas, but not too sprawling and modern. There are also a good number of American expats, who have retired here. One of them tells me the FUBAR fleet is the biggest thing to hit town. I see several FUBAR people in town shopping and have dinner with Larry Lu Core and the crew from Brown Eyed Girl. Tomorrow, we leave for Muertos Bay, about 50 miles up the peninsula toward La Paz.

--James Kirby, aboard Pacific Escort

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