Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ice Dancer at Cape Horn

One of the feature stories in the latest edition of Circumnavigator is a doubleheader about Cape Horn and the first two Nordhavns to reach the notorious landmark at the bottom of the Americas.
As you can see in the magazine, we had access to a terrific range of photos from the two crews, Scott and Mary Flanders of the Nordhavn 46 Egret and Dick and Gail Barnes of the Nordhavn 57 Ice Dancer II.
There were several photos we would have loved to use but couldn't quite work into the layout. One is a shot of Cape Horn from the cockpit of Ice Dancer which flies the state flag of Alaska.

In retrospect, it's a shot we should have used in the magazine as we don't actually present a single clear view of the Everest of the Seas. Another is a most unusual Cape Horn photo, with Gail Barnes sporting a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

As Dick explained in his log: "We rebelled against the typical photos taken with salty, foul-weather gear. Instead we walked from our toasty wheelhouse to the bow for photos, wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Idling downwind in the morning sunshine, it was quite pleasant."
Click here to download a PDF of the Cape Horn feature in the latest Circumnavigator.

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